February 14, 2011

Durlauf on Social Interactions

Attention conservation notice: Only of interest if you are (1) in Pittsburgh and (2) want to spend seven and a half precious hours of your life hearing about the econometric analysis of group effects on individual behavior.

Steve Durlauf, visiting CMU from Madison, will be giving a series of workshops on the economics and econometrics of social interactions (i.e., ones not mediated through anonymous market exchange). The talks will be February 17--18 and 21--23, 9:00--10:20 am in Hamburg Hall 1502, except on the 18th when it will be in Hamburg Hall 2503. I strongly recommend this to anyone who finds things like this interesting; Durlauf has been thinking about these matters for a long time, and is a leading scholar in the field. I myself have cleverly arranged to have scheduling conflicts on every single one of those days, but will be re-reading Blume, Brock, Durlauf and Ioannides.

Disclaimer: Durlauf and I are both affiliated with Santa Fe, and I was friends with a couple of his students in graduate school.

Update: Prof. Durlauf will be giving the statistics department seminar, "On the Observational Implications of Taste-Based Discrimination in Racial Profiling", at 4 pm on Monday, 21 February, in Scaife Hall 125.

Enigmas of Chance; Commit a Social Science; Networks; Incestuous Amplification; The Dismal Science

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