Social Networks

23 Jul 2022 22:36

Although many of the relevant papers appear in the journal Social Networks, published by Elsevier, a company known to also publish advertising disguised as peer-reviewed scientific journals (e.g., The Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine), I know of no particular reason to believe that their findings are actually meretricious propaganda on behalf of a paying client. It would, however, be better if the community would shift to a journal whose publisher did not pollute the process of scientific communication whenever it was profitable to do so.

See also: Citations and Citation Networks; Community Discovery; Complex Networks; Exponential-Family Random Graph Models; Experiments on Social Networks; Homophily vs. Influence; Institutions and Organizations; Joint Modeling of Text and Networks; Network Data Analysis; Networks of Political Actors; Social Contagion; Sociology; Sociology of Science; Terrorism