18 Oct 2023 13:25

I have always felt a certain horror of political economists, since I heard one of them say that he feared the famine of 1848 in Ireland would not kill more than a million people, and that would scarcely be enough to do much good.
— Benjamin Jowett (attrib.)

History of markets. QWERTY. Other parts of evolutionary economics. Arrow-Debreu model of general equilibrium. Market failure. Input-output models. Planning and regulation, esp. during the World Wars. Economic policy of US, Europe, East Asia, 3rd World; economists in politics. Development economics, growth theory. Corporations. Finance. Claims of analogies between physics and conventional economics (whether with laudatory or debunking intent) --- not to be confused with applying methods of theoretical physics to economic questions ("econophysics"). Agent-based modeling.

See also Decision Theory; DSGEs; Duality between Knowledge Centralization and Market Completeness; Historical Materialism; Information Economy; Institutional Economics; Knowledge as a Factor of Production; Planned Economies; Socialism, Market Socialism; the Socialist Calculation Debate; Transmission of Inequality; Optimization