December 20, 2011

Self-Evaluation and Lessons Learned (Introduction to Statistical Computing)

Attention conservation notice: Academic statistico-algorithmic navel-gazing.

With the grading done, but grades not yet posted while we wait for the students to fill out faculty evaluations, it's time to reflect on the class just finished. (Since this is the third time I've done a post like this, I guess it's now one of my traditions.)

Overall, it went a lot better than my worst fears, especially considering this was the first time the class was offered. There was a lot of attrition initially, both from students who had taken a lot of programming, and from students who had done no programming at all. (I was truly surprised by how many students had never used a command-line before.) The ones who stuck around all (I think) learned a lot --- more for those who knew less about programming to start with, naturally. Most of the credit for this goes to Vince, naturally.

Some stuff didn't work well:

Stuff that worked well:

Stuff I'd try to do next time:

Over-all assessment: B; promising, but with clear areas for definite improvement.

Obligatory disclaimer: Don't blame Vince, or anyone else, for what I say here.

Introduction to Statistical Computing

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