February 04, 2011

Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View (36-402, Spring 2011)

Attention conservation notice: I continue my efforts to make this unreadable by promising to post 15--30 pages of lecture notes twice a week, plus homework assignments.

My class this semester is 36-402, "Advanced Data Analysis", for 68 students, about half statistics majors, most in their junior year, and about half seniors from other majors. They've just come off 36-401, modern regression, as taught by the excellent Prof. Nugent, so there's nothing more about linear models which would actually be useful that I could actually teach them. Instead, I've decided to take the "advanced" part seriously, and present modern techniques and concepts in ways which, hopefully, well-prepared undergraduates can actually grasp. (By the time they get to me, our majors are very well-prepared — but they are still undergraduates.) On the theory that the course notes might be of more general interest, I'll be posting them here. When I've tried things like this in the past, I put them all together on a page I updated over the semester, but I've been told separate posts would be more convenient; though this page will point to them all.

Some of the lectures are drafts for sections of STACS.

(Many of the notes are revisions of those for my data mining course. I confess I originally intended "data analysis" to just be data mining with the serial numbers filed off, but by the end of the semester I imagine the overlap will be no more than 50%.)

Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View

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