August 06, 2019

Notes on "Intriguing Properties of Neural Networks", and two other papers (2014)

\[ \DeclareMathOperator*{\argmax}{argmax} \]

Attention conservation notice: Slides full of bullet points are never good reading; why would you force yourself to read painfully obsolete slides (including even more painfully dated jokes) about a rapidly moving subject?

These are basically the slides I presented at CMU's Statistical Machine Learning Reading Group on 13 November 2014, on the first paper on what have come to be called "adversarial examples". It includes some notes I made after the group meeting on the Q-and-A, but I may not have properly credited (or understood) everyone's contributions even at the time. It also includes some even rougher notes about two relevant papers that came out the next month. Presented now because I'm procrastinating preparing for my fall class in the interest of the historical record.

Paper I: "Intriguing properties of neural networks" (Szegedy et al.)


Where Are the Semantics?

The Learned Classifier Isn't Perceptually Continuous