April 22, 2020

A Very Introductory Lecture on Epidemic Models

Attention conservation notice: Should you really be learning about epidemiology from someone who has to consciously inhibit an urge to turn everything into an Ising model?

I'm teaching data mining this semester, but The Kids were understandably interested in epidemic modeling, so I gave a lecture on it for the special-topics day in the syllabus. They liked the slides, and some people who saw them did to, so if you want a basic introduction the classic susceptible-infectious-removed model of epidemics, and how it plays with network structure, here you go.

Suggestions for improving them are welcome, since it seems very likely that I'll be teaching "data over space and time" again in the fall (assuming, inshallah, that there is a fall semester), and it'd be strange not to cover this topic.

Corrupting the Young; Enigmas of Chance; Networks; Biology

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