February 06, 2004

Leviathan; or the Unearthly Matter, Unspeakable Form and Hideous Power of the Great Old Ones, Celestial and Chthonic

Are your hands idle after finishing Quicksilver and Soul Made Flesh? The good (?) people (?) at the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, who brought us, e.g., A Very Scary Solstice, have launched the Necronomicontest:

The prop document makers at the HPLHS are attempting the most ambitious ... project their twisted minds could conceive: a complete 17th-century version of the fabled Necronomicon! Using a comprehensive set of custom-designed vintage fonts, artwork and text, we're preparing an enormous PDF version of the Mad Arab's ultimate grimoire and Mythos tome, which players can customize, print, and bind to create their own highly detailed and insanely complete Necronomicons. And although we have lots of material to include, we need the help of Lovecraft fans around the world to make this the best, most fun and useful Necronomicon imaginable.

Any Cthulhu player or Lovecraft fan would love to have their own highly authentic 17th-century Necronomicon, but who is crazy enough to sit down and write one? No individual since Abdul Al Hazred himself could do it, but working together, we can pull it off!

Enter the HPLHS Necronomicontest today, and submit your spell, drawing, chapter, or passage of mad Mythos rambling. Your entry could be included in the finished volume, and you could win a complete, handmade, leather-bound, super authentic copy of the finished work, done up in full 17th-century style at the insane level of detail the HPLHS is known for! There are lots of other prizes too, so submit several entries and increase your chances.

Entries must, of course, be in a suitably Baroque prose style.

(Via Bill Tozier.)


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