Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844--1900

22 Aug 2019 12:12

I read Thus Spoke Zarathustra as a freshman; it's striking how much Uncle Fritz improved in only a few short years.

See also: Classical Antiquity (obsessed about); Joseph Campbell (who first led me to read Uncle Fritz); Dennett (not what he had in mind for "philosophers of the future," but arguably bettter); the Enlightenment (an acknowledged ancestor); Freud (a descendant); Futurism (vulgar Nietzsche on wheels); Jung; Logical Positivism (not a descendant, but at times uncannily close; I'll attach the relevant quotations Some Day Real Soon Now); the Renaissance (admired); Romanticists (repudiated ancestors); Voltaire (to whom he dedicated Human, All-too-human).