As of 00:00 GMT today, the Net has OFFICIALLY SECEDED FROM THE REAL WORLD (so-called) to form the independent distributed anarcho-post-state of Cyberistan. All users of the Net, even from B1FFnodes, are now officially Citizens of Cyberistan. All sysadmins are plenipotentiary ministers and local consuls of Cyberistan. All citizens are accredited as diplomats from Cyberistan to the Real World (so-called).

We don need no steenken passports. We don need no steenken currency. We don need no steenken nuttin.

All citizens are to refer to each other as ``Node'', abbreviated ``Nd.'' Those who expand ``Nd.'' to ``Nerd'' will suffer extraordinary punishment #1: loss of Cyberistani citizenship. H00zers will suffer extraordinary punishment #2: flames, mail-bombs and virtual assaults by all public-spirited net.citizens, before expulsion from Cyberistan. Don't be a h00zer! There is no extraordinary punishment #3.

Our ceremonial President-for-life, Great Leader Kibo, will address the nation through a simultaneous .mpeg and .snd in the appropriate alt.binaries groups at 23:00 GMT.

We urge all citizens to contact their consul should they have any questions relating to the formation of Cyberistan.



Shub-Internet for

The Emergency Revolutionary Backbone Cabal Governing Junta for National Formation, Salvation and Euphony.